About Me

My name is Kevin and I've been playing piano since I was a kid sitting down at my very first Samick upright piano. I really enjoy listening to a song, and then creating my interpretation of the tune so I tend to play off of chords and what I hear from the song instead of using sheet music. Hopefully this makes the sound feel more organic for those that listen to my music.


Stay Connected

Follow me on social media! I post updates on facebook and twitter when new covers come out so if you like the music please subscribe to my youtube channel!


Stuff I Cover

I usually end up playing whatever gets stuck in my head. That usually means stuff from these categories:

  • Video Games

  • Movie Sountracks

  • Pop / Radio

  • TV Shows



If you have a request for a song you'd like to hear as a piano cover, please feel free to reach out! I'll certainly try to accommodate songs that I know if possible.